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6 Tips For Better Healthy Skin

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Vitamin for healthy skin. Tips for healthy glowing skin.


Follow a healthy diet

1- Make sure to get vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes skin health because it contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from inflammation and exposure to damage, and can be obtained from nuts, olives, spinach, leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, and asparagus.

2- Selenium

Selenium is a mineral that helps protect the skin from the free radicals that cause signs of aging, namely wrinkles, dry skin, and tissue damage. Which you can get from low-fat turkey, mushrooms, shrimp, or Brazilian nuts, lamb, pasta, or fish, such as salmon, tuna, snapper, halibut, cod, clams, sardines, and crabs.

3- Antioxidants

Foods that contain antioxidants improve the health of the skin, such as spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, apricots, beets, squash, and tangerines.

Three important tips for healthy skin:

1- Protect the skin from the sun

Exposure to the sun causes wrinkles, the appearance of stains and other problems, and the risk of skin cancer increases, so you should use a sunscreen with a protection system of at least 15, reapply every two hours, and try to stay in the shade, and wear clothes that protect from the sun, and avoid exposure to the sun from Ten o’clock in the morning until two in the afternoon; the sun reaches its height.

2- Quit smoking

Smoking narrows the blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin, which reduces blood flow, depleting oxygen and nutrients important to the skin, in addition, smoking increases the presence of signs of aging.

3- Drink more water

It is advised to drink eight cups of water during the day, as it maintains the moisture and freshness of the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and small lines, and contributes to blood flow in the skin, also helps in the absorption of nutrients and gets rid of toxins, it must be noted that it can be obtained through Vegetables, fruits, juice, and milk.

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