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All You Need to Know About Oily skin Reasons and Solutions

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Oily skin is formed as a result of excessive sebum production from the glands located under the surface of the skin. The sebum material is an oily substance made of fat. It is not correct to consider skin fat as something that will become absolute; Produced by the skin, it maintains the health of the skin, but its survival. And its accumulation on it leads to clogging of pores, the appearance of pimples, and acne. Heredity, hormonal changes, or even stress may be factors that contribute to increasing the secretion of sebum, which the skin loses its beauty, its vitality, and we will learn about this in this Article on how Facial Fat Removal.

How to remove face fat

These methods remove facial fat, such as:

Proper washing:

So washing the face with a suitable wash in the morning and evening is the most effective way to control face fat according to a dermatologist. And to use attention to the quality of the wash. Using strong soaps stimulates the skin to produce more oil, so it is advised to use a mild wash, preferably a rinse. The face after washing with warm, not hot water. Because high temperatures will cause irritation in the skin, and it is possible to choose between acid and base washers according to their effectiveness in reducing skin oil. And acid wash may contain acids such as benzoyl peroxide, or acid Acyllic, glycolic acid, or beta hydroxy acid.

Although many of the lotions that contain these acids are marketed as acne care products for their effectiveness in treating them. They are good for those who suffer from oily skin. And is worth noting that some of these components cause allergies for some people. It is advised to buy small quantities of them to make sure The skin is not allergic to it. And people often have to try many products before they find the best product for their skin.

Toner usage for face:

Where it is said that using an astringent toner irritates the skin; thus the skin is forced to produce more oil. Therefore, dermatologists differ on the effectiveness of using a toner to reduce skin oil. But irritation can be avoided and taking advantage of the toner by avoiding its application to dry areas of the skin. And its use on oily areas From the face just like the nose, forehead, and chin. This is because most people have mixed skin; it is dry in some areas and oily in others. While most people think that skin types just are either dry or oily.

Taking into account skin changes:

The process of producing skin oil is affected by many factors such as hormones, mood, and even weather conditions, where some suffer from problems of oily skin in summer only as skin sweats increase, and the appearance of oily skin varies depending on the season, and from week to week, and even day by day.
And In order to deal with oily skin in the best way. It is important to know how it is affected by the surrounding atmosphere. The skin may require the use of lotion every day during the summer. And in winter only from time to time.

Avoid touching the face:

Fingers usually carry the bacteria that cause skin irritation and irritation. So touching the face is not good because transferring these bacteria to the face increases the secretion of fats that spread blackheads, acne, and to stop the production of skin oil it is advised not to touch them frequently. And use the toner after washing the skin because It contains antibacterial properties. And absorbs surplus oils and surface impurities from the skin.

Additional information:

Skin specialists recommend the use of a mild moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid, or natural products such as lemon peel extract that has astringent and anti-bacterial properties. And it is noted that many people with oily skin avoid moisturizing their skin despite the importance of this, especially during the winter months, the exception of the moisturizer A daily routine of oily skin will cause more problems such as dehydration and irritation, so it is advisable to use light moisturizers that do not clog pores such as gel or oil-free serum instead of heavy creams. Only the area that needs it can be moistened.

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