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Under eye Puffiness and some Tips to Reduce or Eliminate it

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Under-eye puffiness or Bags under eyes and some initial advice to remove them

Under-eye puffiness occurs due to genetic factors, age, sensitivity, or an incorrect lifestyle, and the following are the most important steps in the daily routine to get rid of under-eye bloating, which are:

1- Sleeping for a sufficient period of time, not less than seven hours a day.

2- Drink an adequate amount of water equivalent to eight cups per day, and eat a lot of vegetables, and drink milk and juices.

3- Avoid drinking alcohol and reducing salt.

4- Sleeping on the back and adding a pillow that raises the head, to reduce fluid build-up under the eye.

Famous medical treatments

Some simple medical treatments can be used to get rid of puffiness under the eyes, including:

1- Using special creams to prevent puffiness under the eye, such as creams containing retinol.

2- Use sunscreen when leaving the house to protect from UV damage.

3- Treating seasonal allergies that cause swelling under the eye, like medications that treat the common cold, and nasal sinus congestion can be taken, where gonorrhea dries up and reduces fluid build-up under the eye.

Natural recipes to treat under-eye puffiness (essential oils)

Essential oils contain with natural properties that reduce puffiness under the eye, as lavender oil helps to calm the skin and nerves in the eye area, lemon oil helps to reduce stress, and is rich in antioxidants that give the skin below the eye health and vitality, while reducing oil Chamomile irritability because it contains anti-inflammatory, these oils may be used in the following way:

Quick remedy for puffy eyes


1- a drop of lavender oil.
2- drop of lemon oil.
3- a drop of chamomile kerosene.
4- water.

How to prepare:

Mix essential oils with water well.
Gently massage the area under the eyes with the resulting mixture before bed. Leave the blend on overnight.
Repeat the method daily for the best results.

Note: Care must be taken when using essential oils because they cause irritation if they leak into the eye.

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