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What Causes Chapped Lips and How to Avoid it

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Cracked lips or Chapped lips, Causes and Solutions

Chapped lips problem is due to many factors: dry and hot weather, licking lips, and taking a certain type of medication. It’s a common condition in most people, as they suffer from dryness for a certain period, and may lead to infection in the lip.

In this article, we will discuss some of the causes of chapped lips, as we will provide some simple and natural solutions to avoid this problem.

Drink water in small quantities:

One of the main causes of chapped lips is dry lips, and many reasons lead to dryness, including not drinking enough quantities of water. Water is essential to your body’s health and its moisture. The decrease in water leads to dryness of the body, thus drying and chapping the lips. So care must be taken to drink enough water and apply their moisturizers at night.

Licking and peeling lips:

Some people may experience bad behaviors that harm the body, and one of these behaviors is licking the lips with tongue, where an amount of saliva is placed on it, and with the drying of the saliva it will lose its moisture, and thus it will be chapping lips. So it must stop licking the lips completely, and also stop trying to remove the crusts that appear on it since their peeling will increase the chapping, instead you should apply topical ointments to increase their hydration.

Weather fluctuations:

Since the lips do not contain sebaceous glands like other parts of the skin in the body, they are more prone to dehydration and chapping, as weather fluctuations and weather conditions lead to a lack of moisture in the lips, especially in the winter, in addition to continuous exposure to sunlight during the summer, Which leads to more cracks.

Some natural solutions for chapped lips


Honey is considered a very useful natural moisturizer because it contains antibacterial properties, and therefore it can be used by applying it to the lips repeatedly several times a day, and a little glycerin can be added to it, and applied before bed.

Protective creams:

It is very important to protect the lips when out in cold and dry weather, as it is recommended to apply creams to moisturize them, and creams to protect them from the sun’s rays, as it is also possible to cover the mouth with a scarf.

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